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Nec Versa

Vintage NEC Versa V/50 PC Laptop Model: PC-710-1551 // 1.2GB HDD /// AS IS


NEC Versa 550D Laptop For Parts or Repair with Power Cord


Vintage NEC Versa 2400 Laptop Computer Win98 Pentium Works!!


Nec Versa 6230 LAPTOP VINTAGE Model v6235m14 for parts




Nec Versa M/75 Vintage Laptop -- No OS Installation


NEC Versa laptop PC-440-1511 LAPTOP


Vintage NEC Versa 2205C Laptop Computer PC-6020-11602W


Vintage NEC Versa 4050H Laptop - PC-6110-71602 - Read


NEC Versa 2430 Vintage Laptop No Tested For Gold Scraps


NEC Versa V/75 PC-720-1551 Laptop Computer | Tested Works


Vintage NEC Versa 2580 Laptop Computer


NEC Versa V/50 Laptop w/[email protected]/24MB/NO HDD/BATTERY/AC ADAPTER/LOOSE HINGE


NEC Versa 4000c Vintage Laptop Computer -untest


Lot of two (2) NEC Versa VXi laptop-14.1 display, PIII 498 MHz,128 RAM, WinXP


NEC Versa LX VL210010 Laptop *AS IS / FOR PARTS*


NEC Versa VXi laptop-14.1 display, PIII 498 MHz,128 RAM, WinXP. No OS.


NEC Versa laptop PC-440-1511 LAPTOP ONLY AS IS


NEC Versa LX Laptop Pentium II 233MHz Active Matrix Working No HDD Noisy Fan


Vintage NEC Versa 2530 Notebook Computer


Vintage NEC Versa Laptop Computer Case in MINT Codnition Red 13' x 11" Magnetic


LOT (est. 20 pcs.) NEC Versa 4000/6000-series parts laptops


NEC Versa 14.4v 2700mAh Li-ION Battery OP-570-60001 Versa 2000-2200/6050


NEC Versa Motherboard 158-026166-001A Laptop Computer PC Main System Board


NEC VERSA E6310 laptop LCD screen 14.1 WXGA


NEC Versa Motherboard 158-026166-000C Laptop Computer PC Main System Board


NEC Versa Ni-MH Battery Pack OP-570-4001 3800mAh 7.2V Made In Japan LOOK!


Vintage NEC Versa M/75 PC-470 Laptop Screen Panel LCD @MB67


NEC Versa M75 Laptop PCMCIA 14.4 Kbps Data Fax Modem Card 3762-B1-204 G


Nec Versa 4000C CPU Board 75mhz Onboard Ram Memory 158-026194-000d


NEC Versa Note Floppy Drive NEW 136-244362-001A


65W AC Adapter For NEC Versa 5080X 550D SXI Prosignia 150 Series


NEC Versa M75 Laptop Floppy Disk Drive 54018561C Tested


NEC Versa 2000 Series LCD Lid Latch Assembly


NEC Versa 4000 4050 4080 Series ADP72 AC Adapter 13.5vdc


Nec Versa 4000 4080H Series Rear Back IR Port 136-551163-d-04


NEC Versa 4000 4000C 4080H Series Versa Bay Latch Assembly


NEC Versa 2000 Series Memory Expansion Door Cover


NEC 19v DC 1.5A 42w AC Adapter NEW ADP50 SA45-3135-2128 Versa Series


NEC Versa 4080H Series Back Ports Door Cover


NEC Versa 4000-4200 Li-ION Battery New OP-570-61001 Versa 4xxx 10.8V 2500mAh